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Here's a BitTorrent package for Slackware.

Note that we don't ship either wxGTK or wxPython, which are needed for the
bittorrent-console script.  I built and installed these, and couldn't justify
the huge size (and assorted build problems) in order to enable an ugly little
dialog box.  But feel free to grab those sources and knock yourself out!

I've included a simple script and mailcap entry to allow using the curses
based downloader instead, which will work just the same as the GUI version
but with a lot less library overhead required.  For Mozilla, Netscape, and
other browsers that read /etc/mailcap, once you've installed this package
BitTorrent should work right out of the box.  If your browser doesn't use
/etc/mailcap, you can set it up to use /usr/bin/bittorrent-xterm as the
helper application for the MIME type application/x-bittorrent.

If you're a command-line user, you may also consider using bittorrent-curses
manually.  Here's how:

1.  Download the .torrent file into your download directory.

2.  At the command line, use the curses version of BitTorrent to download:
      bittorrent-curses some-big-file.torrent

This should start the download and bring up a status screen where you can
monitor the download (and upload) progress.

Have fun!

- P.

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